Smt. Parveen Lata Choudhary

From Principal's Desk

School website is essential in today's electronic world. It brings the work/ activities, achievements to the attention of a wider audience. By providing appropriate content on the website, we can answer visitor's queries and provide valuable information. A website is a dynamic, easily updateable resource through which we can present information to our visitors. They can leave feedback for our school activities.

The parents may want to be able to see the grades of their children, what classes they are taking, the courses being offered by the school management. We will be displaying annual calendar which will exhibit the activities (academic as well as extra-curricular) conducted by the institution. We will try to show pictures and videos of events that happen during the year like sporting events, school dances and other activities.

By creating this website our school has shown our commitment to mastering the new information & communication technology for educational benefit. We will try to show to the parents that our school is committed to achieving government targets. The activities of the children will be viewed by worldwide audience that will ultimately provide motivation to the students. It is hoped that it will increase interaction of parents with school. This website will also provide a forum for teachers, students and parents to exchange information, news etc. It is also a communicational tool between school and community. This website may be used by former students and alumni.

I am feeling proud to welcome every visitor and hope that the school will receive valuable suggestions which will go a long way in the upliftment of the standard and quality of education in this institution.

Senior Lecturer
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma
M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil, Ph.D.

From Senior Lecturer's Desk

This pioneering venture in the field of education deserves appreciation. Employing it as an effective informative strategy with a view to make the knowledge of various activities, events and achievements of the institution accessible to the parents and the readers at large, the school is going to do tremendous work. Dr. Chandreshwar Sharma initiated this ingenious work. It was on acount of sustained efforts of Ms. Meenu Thakur, IT Teacher that this dream project of Dr. Chandreshwar Sharma was made possible. Sh. Manohar Thakur PGT (IP) will carry forward this project to great heights and observing his capability and zeal we are well convinced. Henceforward, every event and activity of the school will be updated on this official website thereby adding transparency in the administration of institution. As the website will be viewed across the nation, the school will try to give its best, hence, it will help in improving the quality of education and the ultimate beneficiary will be the students. Valuable sugestion from any corner will be welcomed. I hope that this site will prove a mirror to the school activities.In this competetive world, it is our responsibility to exhibit what we are offering to the students and any suggestion in this field will be considered seriously and implemented if worth implementing.